"I have had so many requests over the years for business advice that I decided to put my best strategies, secrets and money-saving tips into a useful book!"


John Livingstone has never had a paycheck unless he was writing one to himself. For forty years, John has been an entrepreneur, launching and building, often simultaneously, a fishing business, a rental car business, a chain of executive office rental businesses, a personnel agency, an advertising and marketing business, a homebuilding business, a mortgage business, a vacation rental home business, and a publishing business. John has been creating websites for his businesses, and a few progressive clients, before most people heard of websites. Now, it is time for John to share the wealth of knowledge and real-life stories he has accumulated through these experiences, so other entrepreneurs can achieve financial success and personal freedom to live life to the fullest.

" It was while working on a complex legal matter that I met John Livingstone. I have learned that John is a true entrepreneur. He is one of the smartest men I know. His ability to comprehend complicated situations, requiring a good understanding of the legal issues, is something I have seen in John. I am sure readers of this book will find a great deal of very useful information on how to launch and build a business. "

- Conrad F. Joyner Jr., Attorney-at-Law